Are you, or someone you know, afflicted with type II diabetes?
If so, were you aware that…

Type II Diabetes Can Be Reversed.

Explore new options in your diabetic health care with a clinically validated approach that’s helping many patients reverse their type II diabetes– allowing them to live their highest quality of life.

Think about how your life would improve if you didn’t have to

  • Worry about maintaining constant glucose levels.

  • Purchase expensive medication or rely on insulin injections to avoid dangerous crashes and spikes in your sugar.

  • Wake up every day wishing you had more energy to work and spend time with friends and family.

  • Live in constant fear of experiencing complications such as amputations or comas.

If you could understand how diabetes works, you could take the steps towards reaching optimal health.
Now you can!

It’s easy to get discouraged with a diagnosis and treatment options that were formulated for a disease instead of your individual needs. Your body deserves treatments specifically created for you.

Has Your Doctor Said…

“I’m sorry, there’s really nothing you can do about your condition. Diabetes is genetic and it has no cure.”

“The only way to ease your symptoms is through weight loss, a good diet, exercise, insulin, and prescribed medicine. This won’t cure your diabetes, but it will slow the effects of the disease…”

“Diabetes is a lifelong condition.”

Are you ready for a clinically validated, innovative approach that can reverse type II diabetes and relieve the suffering that comes with this condition?
Now is the time for you to start on your path toward a happier and healthier life!

If you’ve been diagnosed with type II diabetes, it’s not the end of the world.

Many of the ways that medical professionals approach the treatment to diabetes is often outdated, ineffective, and difficult.

Side effects are a major issue that come along with insulin and prescribed medications.Over time, diabetics find that these solutions treat their symptoms but never resolve the cause of their diabetes.

They’re lying to you.

The use of insulin and medication can often cause your body to become insulin resistant, and ultimately progresses your condition.

Contrary to popular belief, the typical case of type II diabetes is a result of your body’s inability to utilize the insulin it produces, not your body’s inability to produce insulin.

Insulin Can Be Disastrous to Your Health

Making insulin the most important part of your therapy, when having too much in your blood, is bad for your health and agitates your body.

When you have an excess of insulin in your body, which happens frequently with the use of artificial insulin, it’s hazardous to your health.

Knowing this, why would you choose to take more insulin?

Excess insulin in your body can

  • Shorten your life

  • Cause you to gain weight

  • Increase your body’s insulin resistance

  • Increase your blood pressure

  • Cause heart disease

  • Increase your risk of developing some types of cancer

All of the typical treatments for diabetes have side effects that are harmful – and can even lead to death.


There are alternative approaches to treating your diabetes, that can effectively reverse your condition.

It’s time for you to take control of your life. Many diabetics are choosing nontraditional treatments – and they can’t believe their amazing results.

We take an entirely different clinical approach to treating your diabetes that can effectively reverse your condition.

Choose to think differently about your condition instead of dwelling on your genetics, weight, family, fitness level, and nutrition.

Get ready to

  • Reduce your reliance on insulin or prescription drugs.

  • Stop spending thousands of dollars on meters and testing strips.

  • Feel an improvement in the way your body functions and gain control over your health.

  • Naturally increase your energy.

  • Limit your risks for cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, and death.

  • Regain a sense of control over your health and discover a newfound confidence in your body’s ability to function.

  • Enjoy weight loss without a strict exercise regimen.

With our specific treatments, you’ll receive in-depth testing that traditional doctors aren’t interested in ordering.

Through your results, we will determine a specific plan of action to improve YOUR personal health.

Your individual health deserves attention.

Improving your personal health is important to us.


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Choose to take control of your health today, and reverse your diagnosis.
You deserve to have your life back!
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Let us show you how we can get your life back on track after your diabetic diagnosis.

The proof is in the results.

QUALITY OF LIFE!! I thought there was nothing I could do. The pain in my feet prevented me from sleeping more than 3 hours per night. Barely ate anything but gained more weight. I could not eat past 5pm to spare the pain in my feet. Depressed. Addicted to diet sodas. Didn’t know how or what to eat. Just didn’t know what was wrong or what to do. Dr. Bletzinger saved my life! Am i perfect… no. But I can live and love for many more years to come! Thank You!”