Success Stories

What do our clients have to say about their experience?


“I was depressed, no energy, and had insomnia. I hated how I felt and looked. I was in a “cookie cutter” treatment that was not working for me. I was on 2 different meds that weren’t working and was told that I needed insulin. If you have the opportunity to join this family DO IT! It will be the most important choice you will ever make in your life.”


QUALITY OF LIFE!! I thought there was nothing I could do. The pain in my feet prevented me from sleeping more than 3 hours per night. Barely ate anything but gained more weight. I could not eat past 5pm to spare the pain in my feet. Depressed. Addicted to diet sodas. Didn’t know how or what to eat. Just didn’t know what was wrong or what to do. Dr. Bletzinger saved my life! Am i perfect… no. But I can live and love for many more years to come! Thank You!”


“I can’t say enough good things! I began the program to reverse my diabetes six weeks ago. When I began, I was on 75 units of Levemir insulin per day. Now I’m at 26 units per day. A week ago, I cut my blood pressure med (Lisinopril) in half (from 20 mg per day to 10 mg). The current blood pressure readings I’m getting lead me to believe I will soon be completely off the med. My energy level is great as well. The doctors are efficient, professional, and easy to talk to, and so is the staff.”

Thyroid Patients