GMO’s get a bad rap – but in some unconventional instances, like this one, they have the potential to significantly increase the quality of life for those that are open to the possibility of this new treatment. Researchers have discovered a method that allows them to create new thyroid cells, or thyrocytes, by altering the genetics of embryonic cells. Stem cell technology has been of great interest throughout the years and has recently starting gaining more traction due to its promising potential. Diseases, like thyroid disorders, were once presumed to be incurable – leading sufferers with no choice but to accept their fate of steadily declining health. Now, researchers are able to provide a glimmer of hope.

The journal, Stem Cell Reports, outlines the process that researchers were able to initiate in developing thyrocytes to mimic the regeneration of new healthy thyroid cells. This is being considered as the first step in being able to replicate this process in real thyroid patients – a process that shows potential in giving patients a clean slate, a life free of thyroid dysfunction. This is huge news, especially seeing as how approximately 10 percent of the country’s population has fallen victim to a diagnosis of a form of under or over functioning thyroid disease – Grave’s disease or Hashimoto’s disease – or the growth of goiters or cancerous tumors.

Through strategic and explorative scientific endeavors, researchers at Boston University’s School of Medicine, were able to determine the specific timing and manipulation of genetics required for isolating the opportunity to initiate the genetic switch of genes responsible for the generation of thyroid development. By directing the stem cells throughout various stages of manipulation, they were able to pinpoint the optimal time for activating this gene in order to produce the most thyroid cells possible with the potential for transplant.

The findings of this research may provide valuable insight into the potential development of therapeutic engineering to resolve thyroid disorders. The strides research is making is promising, but it takes time to be deemed safe for replication in humans. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternative functional medicine therapies that show promise in treating these disorders that you can take advantage now to help alleviate your symptoms of your thyroid disorder.

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