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Reverse Memory Loss
Breakthrough Research, Cutting-Edge Technology and Precision Treatment Methods are Reversing Cognitive Decline and early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Discover an innovative, research-based and clinically validated approach that is helping patients suffering from cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s reverse their conditions.
Start reclaiming the essence of what makes you human— your brain function!
The Recognition Of A Cognitive Problem
Let go of the limiting beliefs about your brain function you’ve held up until this point to defy the odds and heal!
  •  SOCIAL INFECTION. The belief that memory loss is a normal part of aging.
  •  DELAYED DIAGNOSIS and AMBIGUOUS DIRECTION. The longer you stumble around and watch the progression of your condition, the more your window closes for reversing your condition.
  •  MONO-MECHANISTIC DISORDER. A 21st century disease cannot be treated with a 20th century medical protocol.
Red Flags Of Brain Impairment
  •  Mental Fog (Earliest Symptoms)
  •  Mental Fatigue 
  •  Decreased Sharpness and or Recall Speed 
  • Forgetfulness
  •  Difficulty Recalling Recent events (Converting short into long term memory) 
  •  Depression (Very Strong Clinical indicator of Neurodegeneration). 
Comprehensive Analysis and Diagnosis
The Health Of Your Brain
With Cutting-Edge Technology we can now accurately assess the 
Specific Areas Associated with 
Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease from it’s Beginning (Usually 30 Years prior to diagnosis) through the Late Stages

The Root Causes
Through Breakthrough Research we have identified the root causes that lead to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease are identified as the THREATS. The brain is an organ that will protect itself from threats.
ALL threats to the brain must be identified and corrected.
The Therapeutic Window
The THERAPEUTIC WINDOW is the time frame in which the brain has sufficient time, volume and resources to reverse it's course of decline. Precision Treatment Methods can 1) Arrest further decline 2) Trigger brain healing and 3) Maintain quality of life.

Complete Customization Of Care
Your health is important to us.

Let go of the limiting beliefs you’ve held about your memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease up until this point – defy the odds and heal! Because you are an individual, you deserve to be treated like one.

A carefully developed assessment process will determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment process. We will provide you with access to all of the necessary tests to determine if your brain is abnormally declining and what is causing your brain to decline.

Together, we’ll devise a plan that will deal with each and every unique cause. In short, we will develop a plan for YOU based on what YOU need.
Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s do not have to
be death sentences.
The current standard approach to treating these conditions is often futile, very risky and almost never addresses the root cause(s) for each individual.
The traditional drug therapy approach, which is often effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms, has shown to be quite limiting — if not totally ineffective — for these very complex and devastating health issues.
You’re likely in the dark
It takes several years for new research to make it into mainstream practice.
Our mission is to shed light on the most cutting-edge and successful approaches that actually reverse cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
A Recipe for Long-Term Disaster
Alzheimer’s disease is on a fast track to becoming the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.
Doing nothing, or accepting the status quo, almost completely ensures a poor quality of life for you and your loved ones – and unfortunately, will even lead to an untimely death.
Upon diagnosis, many patients are simply told to, “get their affairs in order.”
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  •  Pitfalls Of The Current Medical Treatment Model
  •  One Condition - Many Imbalances
  •  The Stages Of Cognitive Impairment
  •  The Underlying Causes
  •  A Comprehensive Functional Medicine Model
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Start The First Steps In Addressing Your Condition 
With A Breakthrough Approach
New research and clinical results are showing that cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed in a significant percentage of the patient population.

Our clinical approach to supporting patients with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease is radically different.
It’s time to get your brain back! Discover your options in cognitive decline assessment at our office. Let’s see how we can help you embark on a journey towards renewed health.
Dr. Bletzinger and his team will walk you, step by step, through learning the exact details of this breakthrough clinical approach. 
TIME IS TISSUE! Delaying to take action is the recipe for failure in brain health. Put yourself or your loved one on the right track to recovery with a research proven program.
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